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For Kim Jongwoon

For Kim Jongwoon
#6 Heechul/Yesung (Burn)

"Yesung, please," Heechul uncharacteristically dropped to his knees in a rare show of submission before Yesung.  He gritted his teeth before saying his next words. "Give me another chance! I’ve dumped both Hankyung and Sungmin already!"
Yesung didn't even look up from his phone. "Go burn in hell, Heechul."
If he had said that last year, Heechul would’ve kicked his ass, but today wasn’t last year. Heechul had to practically force out his next words. "Would you love me again if I did?"
"YES!" snapped Yesung sarcastically. "Now, get the fuck OUT of my office before I have security come. I don't EVER want to see you again!" He pointed a small finger towards the oak doors.
With his heart aching, Heechul quickly scrambled to his feet and left without another word.

Later that same night, Heechul sat in his dark apartment, a can of lighter fluid and a box of matches resting beside him.  His windows were shut and the door was locked and bolted to ensure that no one could come in. It was too quiet as he carefully stripped down to his underwear and folded his clothes in a neat pile. He had already sent Heebum to Sungmin, saying he was going on a trip for a while, and the rock albums he usually blasted at this hour were in the trash.
"But silence is good," He told himself as he opened the can of lighter fluid.
"Silence means there's no distractions.” He closed his eyes as he poured it over himself. The stench of the so much lighter fluid caused him to choke as he opened his eyes and set the can down. He was still gagging as he reached for the matches. With a surprisingly steady hand, he took out a match and struck it against the box.
As he held the match high in the air, he murmured his last words: "This is for you, Kim Jongwoon."

Tags: author: shinelikethesky, fandom: super junior, pairing: heechul/yesung, type: oneshot
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