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Drug Bunny

Drug Bunny
#46 Kangin/Eunhyuk (Stuffed Animals)

A hoarse whisper.
"Psst, you there!"
A furtive look.
"$50. One gram. You like?"
A quick nod.

Kangin stared dumbfounded at the stuffed animal that was dropped nonchalantly in his lap.
"The hell man?" He looked up to see a thin, grinning redhead slipping the money he gave him into his pocket. "Is this how you normally conceal your goods?"
The redhead shrugged. "A stuffed animal is better than no stuff and snuff at all."
Kangin grunted and shoved the purple bunny plush into his jacket. "I guess so." He got up off the bench he'd been sitting on and stretched. "Again. Next week."
The redhead nodded.

"Kangin oppaaaa~!" Eunhyuk squealed as her favorite oppa walked in front of her post at her friend's juice stand.
Kangin looked up from his phone in annoyance. "Where's that annoying voice coming from?" He looked backward and spotted Eunhyuk.
"Aish, it's that Eunhyuk girl again!" He quickened his pace, but unfortunately, he was too slow for Eunhyuk.
"Oppa!" Eunhyuk gushed breathlessly as she touched Kangin's arm lightly. "Did you get a new haircut? You look even more handsome than yesterday! I think that--Oh!"
She got distracted as she caught sight of a purple ear sticking out of Kangin's jacket.
"What's that?" She asked in her cutest voice.
Kangin cursed silently as he hurriedly tried to push the stupid bunny further into his jacket.
Eunhyuk's eyes brightened as she reached forward to tug it out of hiding.
"Omo! Oppa, how cute! Since when do you carry stuffed animals around?" She cuddled the purple bunny to her chest.
"Who's it for?" she asked hopefully.
Kangin snorted. "Not for you, Eunhyuk sshi."
Eunhyuk pouted as she gave it back. "I told you, oppa, call me Hyukkie! There's no need to be so formal! And who is it for if it's not for me?"
Kangin smiled toothily. "It's for me, Eunhyuk sshi."


I wasn't really planning on making girl!Eunhyuk that annoying, but it just sorta came out that way.
I just made two posts in one day, haha! XD;
Tags: author: shinelikethesky, fandom: super junior, pairing: kangin/eunhyuk, type: oneshot
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