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God Isn't Answering (Because He's Sleeping)

God Isn't Answering (Because He's Sleeping)
#62 Hankyung/Kangin (God)

It was currently January 8, 2010, 9:10 AM, and one of God's sons, Hankyung, was preparing to leave for a vacation to Korea.
"I'll being going now." Hankyung said as he stood in the doorway of his home.
God embraced Hankyung. "Have a safe trip, Hankyung."
"I will, thank you Father."

Meanwhile, down in Korea, a man by the name of Kangin grunted as he sat down on a park bench outside his apartment. He leaned forward, planted his elbow upon his thigh, propped his chin upon his fist, and looked up at the cloudy sky. It was days like this that made him wish he was a little kid again.
"Fucking Leeteuk, firing me just because I was late like two weeks in a row! Hasn't he ever heard of traffic?!"
Kangin had just been fired this morning from his job transporting crates of apples back and forth across the country because of too many tardies.
"And I was doing so well at that job!" Kangin growled.
A grandma pursed her lips as she hobbled past Kangin. "Kids these days...Their mouths are worse than sailors!"
Kangin sneered. "Fuck!" He said loudly, just to spite her. To hell with being polite. Today was just messed up!

A few feet away, Hankyung smiled as he touched down. "I wish I could live--"
His thinking was interrupted by a coarse voice coming from his left. A muscular man with numerous tattoos on his arms seemed to be staring at the sky and yelling at it.
"Yah, God!" the man said loudly. "I think you owe me an apology! If making my life crappy is part of Your Plan, then I want out!" 
Hankyung watched as the man waited as patiently as he could (for five seconds) before a scowl appeared on his face.
"And You're supposed to be all-knowing too!" grumbled the man under his breath. "God! Why haven't You answered me yet?!"
"Sightseeing can wait." thought Hankyung. "I should help this man first."

The heavens rumbled loudly, but no booming voice resonated from the heavens like Kangin wanted. 
"He's sleeping right now. " a voice behind Kangin suddenly said.
Kangin turned around quickly and came face to face with a tall, thin, blond-haired, Chinese-looking man carrying a suitcase.
"Who are you?" asked Kangin suspiciously.
Hankyung smiled. "Just another person. Who are you?"
"Kangin. Now again, who the hell are you?"
"I'm Hankyung."
Kangin narrowed his eyes. "And how do you know, Hankyung sshi, that God is sleeping right now? How do you know that he's not taking a dump or something else?"
Hankyung grinned. "Because when the heavens rumble like that it means that God is snoring."
Kangin scoffed. "Your mother probably made that up."
Hankyung shook his head. "She didn't."
"This is crazy." Kangin got up and had just taken a step towards his apartment when Hankyung said,
"I know because God is my father."

Originally, I saw this quote about God that inspired me, but I couldn't work it out and this happened instead. <w< Hah, I wish the '____ is my father' line didn't remind me so much of that cliched Darth Vader line... 
Tags: author: shinelikethesky, fandom: super junior, pairing: hankyung/kangin, type: oneshot
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