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District Wars

District Wars
#6 Eeteuk/Kangin (Freefall)

Eeteuk shifted his gun to his left arm as he raised his right arm to shade his eyes from the sun. Despite the gray skies, the sun's glare was relentless, shining through the thick layer of clouds and the smog.

Left foot down. Right foot down. Left, right, left, right.
As Eeteuk marched through the ruins of his former hometown, he tried his best to remain expressionless and ignore the glares of the few survivors limping through the streets.


Suddenly there was the quick and sure steps of boots behind Eeteuk and he immediately tensed up. His hands clenched his gun tightly and he nearly took his lieutenant, Kangin, out as he whipped around to face his 'enemy'.

"Sir!" Kangin said gruffly as he took a step away from his captain.
Eeteuk exhaled. "What is it, Lieutenant?"
"Hankyung just reported the damage."
"How many?"
"668 living, 1,109 dead."
"He estimates about 900 are missing."
"Instruct Hankyung to take Zhoumi with him and find as many survivors as they can today. They will be put in District 76's prison. Then you are to report back to me before sunset with a report from everyone."
"Sir!" Kangin saluted Eeteuk and he was off, the feathers on his hat swaying in the breeze.

Several hours later, Eeteuk sat at a table in his makeshift tent, rifling furiously through the papers scattered around him. They were all filled with numbers and diagrams but none of them were the ones he needed. 

"Where is that document?!" He muttered.
He had just reached for a yellowed paper when the entrance to his tent rustled. In an instant, Eeteuk had his gun pointed towards to it.
"Who's there?"
"Lieutenant Kangin, sir."
"Hurry up and come in!"
Eeteuk set his gun down and nervously clasped his hands behind his back.
"Have you performed your duties?" He asked.
"Yes, sir." Kangin saluted.
"Heechul has reported that the District 43's Market has threatened to go into a free fall and Yesung is organizing riots in District 91. Shindong and Donghae are staking out District 29. Zhoumi is with Hankyung, searching for survivors. Eunhyuk and Henry are traveling to District 187 for supplies. Kibum has disposed of the District 238's Cabinet and Ryeowook still hasn't arrived back from the District 54's Capitol."
Eeteuk nodded. "At ease, Lieutenant. Tomorrow, we shall all meet here. There is much to discuss."


Tags: author: shinelikethesky, fandom: super junior, pairing: eeteuk/kangin, type: oneshot
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