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Period Monkeys

Period Monkeys
#85 Shindong/Donghae (Ache)

"It feels like monkeys are tugging at my pubes!" Donghae wailed loudly as she threw her bag down beside Shindong. Several girls around covered their mouths delicately to muffle their snickers, but Donghae, as usual, was oblivious.
Shindong snorted through a mouthful of cookie. "Cramps that bad?"
Donghae nodded sadly and slumped dramatically to the ground. "Cookie?" She mumbled into the concrete. "And periods suck."
Shindong dug through her satchel, unaffected by Donghae's usual dramatics.
"Well, too bad. I just ate the last cookie, but here." she said, holding a tiny bright green container out towards Donghae. "Midol will help to lessen the aching."
Donghae wriggled over to Shindong and placed her head in her lap. "Gimme!"
Shindong put the container in Donghae's outstretched palm. "Here."
"Shindongieee~ I need water! Can you get me some water my BFF in the whole wide world?" Donghae batted her eyelashes.
Shindong rolled her eyes. "Dude, get it yourself."
"But how can I if I'm lying dowwwwn?" Donghae whined. "I'm in pain here, and as my best friend, you should understand that when I'm in pain, I can't move!"
"Riiiiing!" screeched the bell signaling the end of break.
Shindong rolled Donghae off her lap and stood up. She held her hands out to a pouting Donghae. "Up. The bell just rang for third period."
"You're mean!" Donghae said as she scooped up her fish shaped bag.
"I gave you Midol to stop the monkeys. Therefore, I'm not mean. I'm God. Now, let's go!"

It was only until after fifth period, when Shindong went to the bathroom that she noticed she had started her period and cramps.
"Damn it!" she said as she realized she had given her last Midol to Donghae.
"Lee Donghae, you are SO treating me to burgers after school!"

A/N: Someone I know says something similar to what Donghae does when she has her period. XD 
Tags: author: shinelikethesky, fandom: super junior, pairing: shindong/donghae, type: oneshot
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